Aerial Video

Aerial Video

We can meet your requests by providing footage and pictures from the air (RPAS).

Infrared Imaging

We can use infrared cameras on drones to recognize heat and see in the darkness.

App development

We can assist to create autonomous applications for unmanned aerial imaging. 

CASE STUDY: Satama Open Air

"Portable drones empower businesses, media operators, warehouses, and others to improve efficiency in operation significantly."

Aerial video for your business

 For example, farmers can now react quickly to threats and validate prescriptions with new aerial video data. Event organizers can calculate people accurately from the air. The sky is open for opportunities.

Operation with reliability

We are following the aviation regulation OPS M1-32 by Finnish Transport Safety Agency (TRAFI). Our operation is insured against third party damages that fulfills the requirements in regulation (EC) 785/2004

Need help with aerial work?

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