IT Management

Secure cloud services

We monitor 24/7 cloud platforms that are driven by data.

IoT networks

We optimize LoRa and other IoT networks for your targets. 


We can offer digital training, webinars, and collaboration for better performance.

Case study:

How to manage a centralized 2.5 million international e-commerce, physical stores, clothing production, and logistics communications?


In Valf's integrated solution, all the elements of success work just for them. Cash registers are also integrated to use the same inventory system with the online store. The system has been built from components entirely for customer's specific needs.

Valfi designs new data-driven sales metrics with best development practices and continuous testing to make your business processes secure and reliable.

Video presentation

Data-driven performance

We design powerful data-driven sales and e-commerce system to support the way people do business everywhere in the world.

Our responsibility

Valfi’s services are guided by a strong commitment and responsibility for our customers’ business. We work with our clients as part of their team.

Make better sales

Valtteri Kujala

Start growing your life and business with digital mentoring by Valtteri Kujala's team in Finland.

Email: [email protected]

Phone/WhatsApp: +358 40 740 9021

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