"I wish I had had an analyst earlier in my business efforts"

Entrepreneurs and organisations need to make educated decisions and feel confident that their intrinsic mindset, customer relationships and goals will grow their business in sustainable tech business from smart cities to health and retail.


Valtteri works restlessly as part of your team to coach your team to success with sustainable analysis.


Baltic E-Commerce summit
(The biggest e-commerce event in Baltics)


IECnet EMEA Copenhagen & Hong Kong


Aalto Entrepreneurship Society TeamUp-event


Slush 2016: From the Nordics to China


Shopping Centre Rajalla På Gränsen


ICT and Organizational Change
(M.Sc. students in University of Oulu)


System Design Methods for Information Systems
(M.Sc. students in University of Oulu)

Starting a sustainable business in Finland?

Valtteri and his team offers a fast service to register and start a new business in Finland. His team helps with legal framework, financing, contracts, accounting and technology to get your business up and running.

Valtteri Kujala

Start growing your life and business with digital mentoring by Valtteri Kujala's team in Finland.

Email: [email protected]

Phone/WhatsApp: +358 40 740 9021

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